You Losers 8'nt Got a Thing on Me ::::)


((One to appreciate life to the extremes, she’d love the life of her friends and RELISH IN THE DEATH OF HER ENEMIES. Never FLARP with her. holy shit

vriska would not stop whining until the bab was named vriska jr so there we are))

((There’s an odd mixture of ultimate terror and pride ohmygosh lil vriska jr. I LOVE YOU SO FUCKING MUCH look at this babe))

Fourth spin: A date

((Poor John…  ^-^;; Nothing personal, you’re sisters just hella hot like daaaaaaaamn ))

Third spin: Make out session

Yes you m8y~


((I’m afraid all ten spaces are now taken so I wont be accepting anymore. Although, I might do this event again later for those who didnt get their spins in, but we’ll wait and see =>= Welp, Im going to try to work on the ones I got as fast as I can, but sadly I’ve started school so I’ll most likely only do one a day….

Thank you all who did send spins, Im so excited to draw the rest of them!))

Second spin: A kiss.

((I might have gone on askglubdork’s tumblr and noticed they shipped these two pale and black. So pale smooches FTW))

First spin: A hug

Holy shit put your claws away first, or 8etter yet how a8out you just get the fuck off of me.

((Vriska’s not much of a huggy troll //>_<// ))

Send me ‘Spin’ and see what you get:
  • 1st Person gets: A hug
  • 2nd Person gets: A kiss
  • 3rd Person gets: Make out session
  • 4th Person gets: A Date
  • 5th Person gets: To seduce my muse and they’ll willingly comply.
  • 6th Person gets: A heartfelt confession
  • 7th Person gets: A lap dance
  • 8th Person gets: Married to my muse for a week
  • 9th Person gets: Chained to my muse for three days
  • 10th Person gets: My muse at your muse’s beck and call

((HOLY SHIT thank you SOOOOOOOO much everyone who has followed me! It’s been an amazing time and I love hearing from all of you as well as hanging out with so many lovely people in streams, honestly I never thought this blog would make it this far and I’m really gr8ful to all of you~ ^_^))

Are you kidding she’s like the only cool troll around, I mean expect for me O8VIOUSLY.

((I like to think that Meenah calls Sollux “Minituna” he hates it so much))

((It took me until today to realize I&#8217;ve never drawn Vris in her Godtier whOOPS. Welp problem solved.))

((It took me until today to realize I’ve never drawn Vris in her Godtier whOOPS. Welp problem solved.))